in g++ we trust

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    Template errors are fucking useless. Never, from any partner, have i received nearly as useless criticism as g++ template errors are.
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    "Spends all your money".
    Let me tell you something.
    If a girl does that, it means that she doesn't give a fuck about you and your money. You are worth nothing in her eyes.
    Either that OR or even XOR (depending on the case) she doesn't know how to handle money. She probably never worked her ass of for something and got the money pumped up her ass by her sweet rich parents.

    Either way she is not girlfriend/wife material. This may be an unpopular opinion but I give zero fucks. Haters gonna hate.
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    This is dumb. If you are only able to find girlfriends that want to spend your money and not communicate, then maybe self-reflect and evaluate what you're bringing to the table besides money.

    Maybe start by thinking about what you want from a relationship and whether you are giving what you want to receive.

    I know it's just a dumb meme but "girlfriends" aka *women* are people and not a bullet point list of hacky generalizations.
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    clang > gnu
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    @ceceliacreates You must be fun at parties...
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    @12bitfloat I doubt he/she would want to attend that kind of parties.
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    @Lor-inc I doubt he/she can leave the house without getting triggered
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    @12bitfloat Please, being sensitive to jokes about girls in general isn't a disability. Devrant is a weird place in this matter, as only very open sexism is rejected by the community, and tolerance levels vary widely.
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    @Lor-inc In my experience the majority of devrant users (or "mean neckbeard internet trolls" for that matter) reject sexism... This just ain't sexism
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    I’ve maybe been helped by a C++ compiler error twice. Honestly I prefer working with interpreted because of it. IE JS, Lua, python
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    Does c++ compilator sucks ?
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    @jak645 yes sometimes the c++ compiler does sucks or a bj (bad job)
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    @LostEth0 To be fair, C++ is one of the most frustrating languages to work with
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    @12bitfloat very true. Although very performant (compared to interpreted) and it has lots of libraries.
    Only things I can think of that are faster would be C, Rust, and Assembly (if done right)
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