Not really a rant, but:

Me, programming in unity using C#: well if I add that library, My life will get a little bit easier, but the final APK will be 2MB heavier because of it.
WebDev who never used compiled programming languages: can't you just minify it?

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    Webdev wondering why ur apk is bigger than 2mb 😘
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    That's... kind of ignorant.
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    @noogli the said webdev is my boss lol
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    APKs contain Java byte-code, which can be even more optimized by using ProGuard (which minifies code by shortening byte-code encoded names). The option to enable this in Gradle is called minify. And it's enabled on most projects.
    Don't try to sound smarter than others. There are no stupid questions.
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    @bartmr yeah but this APK is made from unity, so I can't really optimize that much
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    @ZioCain Yeah I know. It probably uses NDK underneath and already compiled stuff in the best way possible. Just don't mock webdevs. It's actually hard being a webdev because you have so much things to deal with in an ever changing environment (web browser) with so many things happening at the same time (async stuff)
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    @bartmr I know, I'm a webdev as well.
    And don't think that async stuff only exist there.
    Also iOS and android might change way more than just the browser.
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