@dfox @trogus Was there any discussion about not displaying usernames within the feed? (eg, "posted by brod")

I reckon it's one of the best _features_ devRant has.

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    Haha thanks! We definitely discussed. I think it really came down to we wanted to base the feed around the content and try to make good content get exposure no matter who posted it.

    Similarly, this is why we don't currently have a follow feature. However, in algo sort mode, we do bubble up content from users who you like!
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    @dfox interesting.
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    Personally I would't want a row wasted on displaying that info. I don't know a single user here and it's not like the rants are so long that I have to decide which ones to read based on who wrote it
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    @jiraTicket I'm in love with your name 👌
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    @dfox But I like everybody.
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    @dfox oh I see... so I guess that's a No for my feature request then... though I only saw this post after following brod in my app.

    btw, I can't seem to attach an image in when in Edit
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