So friend is making this key-value app with Thunkable for people with dementia. We're just unlocking our bikes when he wonders "what if they forget they installed the app?".

I suggest push notifications but cos he's using Thunkable FREE he'd have to pay £200 for that.

So he says he'd "F*CKING SPAM THEM WITH EMAILS" instead!

ps his APK is 30MB

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    What the hell
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    what if they forgot how to read
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    what if they forgot they had a phone?
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    What if they forgot they had a bike
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    @trickory just keep a drone that plays the Diablo Immortal announcement on repeat

    "do you guys not have phones?"
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    Push notifications seems okay. Sometimes I need them just to stay on track with my day. If they forgot they had a phone well hopefully its not on silent lol.
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    @RememberMe lightweight solution!
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    How many people with dementia have android phones
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    Email is a good solution.

    The elderly always check their email. They check it more than facebook. More than twitter.

    Some of them even print out their emails lololol.

    Could you imagine the insanity? Stacks and stacks of hard copy emails just laying around all over the place, on the coffee table, the side table, the kitchen table, in cabinets, and drawers.

    "Buy cialis -20%", diabetes med ads, dick pills, horny asians, ukrainian brides, nigerian prince scams. All of it. Printed on dead trees.

    What will future archeologists think of our society?
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    @Wisecrack well that escalated quickly
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