Here's a tip to caffeinated-beverages lovers.

People often make this mistake with coffee.. They take a cup of coffee after lunch and expect it will make them productive and concentrated immediately. That's BS. Wait for the pee.

Digestion takes ~27% of your body energy molecules [ATP], so you will anyway be sleepy.

When you ingest a cup of coffee you ingest a warm beverage. The warmth will most likely make you sleepy and the sleepiness might last 5 to 15 minutes.

Caffeine in the coffee acts as diuretic - it makes your kidney filter blood more aggresively. As a result 20-40minutes after ingestion you will want to pee.

When you want to pee it's an obvious sign the caffeine is working. Now you should be productive.

Brain [cerebrum] uses glucose molecules for energy rather than ATP, like the rest of the body does. So for the best effect:
- have lunch
- have coffee with sugar during or right after the lunch [do not drink coffee if your stomach is empty!! Ulcers, gastritis, refluxes - that's your future if you do]
- wait ~30 minutes or until you pee
- go to do your work.

This way you will not be working sleepy and your brain will have enough pure glucose to operate on [sugar is just 2x glucose molecules bound together]

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    Do not take coffee to meetings ffs...
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    @netikras How else can one stay awake in a meeting?
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    Strictly speaking: sucrose is composed of glucose and fructose.

    Another random fact: coffee can increase alertness well before the caffeine kicks in. Probably the smell + something psychosomatic.
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    @halfflat my bad.. Last time I looked at that biochemistry book was.. ~10 years ago :)

    as for how to stay alert -- smth cold, maybe coke, would do it. Or ice coffee. Or maybe plan your lunch a bit earlier before the meeting :)
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    @netikras Depends. I'm the kind of guy who has an insane coffein tolerance. I notice an effect only If I drink 4 Espresso in one cup... However, I'd suggest stop working 15 mins before a meeting and relax a bit, get some fresh air and just let the brain calm down a bit.

    Most people who come in hectically in a meeting are practically non usable. Sad, but true. Worse when they make the meeting useless :(
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    "it makes your kidney filter blood more aggressively"

    aah... that's why it works hangovers.
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    @4160Tuesdays i think it might worsen hangovers.. 'cause you are already dehydrated. Ingesting more salted [mineral] water, preferably along with glucose [sugar; intestinal wall contains enzymes-carriers fueled by glucose that move salts across the wall into your blood faster than diffusion] should help tho. Salts, once in your blood, will draw water along with it thanks to artificially created osmotic pressure.

    Also works wonders when suffering from diarhea
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    @netikras salt too, yes. But I've noticed coffee helps too pretty significantly.
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    @4160Tuesdays Coffeine increases blood pressure, as it narrows your blood vessels.

    A hangover is actually a form of intoxication, and there is no remedy.
    In a clinic, you'll stabilize the blood sugar by supplying glucose (if blood sugar is too low) and fluids.
    That helps the metabolism, nothing else. Aspirin / ASS can help against the head ache, as it is a blood thinner.

    Btw, Coffeine is not a diuretic per se.

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    @IntrusionCM it also dilates cerebral blood vessels if my memory serves well. Effectively increasing removal of metabolites and increasing oxygenation required to burn what? Exactly. Glucose.

    I do recall the diuretic mechanism isn't straight-forward, but as long as it causes it - it's diuretic, direct or not :)


    try at least 13years newer sources :)
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    @netikras I was too fast, I usually read only German studies and that was my first hit
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    Germans combat hangovers with some morning beer.
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    Your body can convert protein into glucose; you don't need sugars or carbs.
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    @Root you mean aminoacids. That is correct. Both aminoacids and lipides [fats] can be coverted into glucose. Even nucleoacids can!

    But there's this thing.. This conversion is expensive :) it requires not only splitting long molecules but also transforming them.

    If you're on diet - sure, drop additional sugars out of your daily meals/drinks. But when you are not and you need a boost for your brain - that's not the best way.

    If I recall it well, the following list is sorted by how easy it is to convert molecules into glucose in descending order:
    - other sugars [monosacharides]
    - other sugars [disacharides]
    - other sugars [polisacharides]
    - proteoglicans/glicoproteins [I always mix them.. Can't recall which one]
    - lipides
    - aminoacids [proteins, when the organism is starving it begins to digest itself]
    - nucleoacids [when the organism is exhausted it begins to kill its own cells and use everything it can to build glucose/atp]

    I might have forgotten things tho..
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    @netikras That llooks correct for when your body is running on glucose, but what if it's running on ketones? I haven't studied biology basically at all.

    However, fats give me a large energy boost, reminiscent of how sugars used to, except they don't make my mind feel foggy.
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    @Root that's probably because fats have more calories than sugars. The same amount of fats have 2 or 3 times more calories than sugars or aminoacids.

    Also, fatty acids stimulate your sense of fullness [idk how to say opposite of hungry in EN, sry 😁], meaning you will consume less fat to stop feeling hungry and you will not spend lots of energy on digesting huge amounts of food. Ergo - less foggy.

    Basically -- this: https://msdmanuals.com/home/... .

    And fats are less likely to be stored as belly fat in your body than sugars, but that is another story.

    As for ketones - ... God no! I will never understand people who put their bodies through this acetone-stinking nightmare

    I do not remember a lot about acetyl-CoA mechanisms so I cannot comment. All I remember is that it causes acetone smell and a whole bunch of negative effects when blood is filled with ketone-bodies. That fatty acids are burned incompletely, that this mechanism is very inefficient for energy and if you smelk someone smell like a bottle of acetone - I should give that person a candy first and then buy him some food, unless that person is diabetic and does not have insulin on him. That's all. Use google :)
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    @netikras I've never noticed an acetone smell (except when I'm doing my nails) so I really don't understand your comments.

    The only downsides I've noticed from ketogenic diets are that you must eat more frequently lest you get sleepy, and lack of water retention so you must drink more frequently too. It's also very easy to under eat. I'm struggling to eat 1200 kcal haha
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    I hear adding cocaine or meth to your coffee helps with lethargy
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    Definitely going to favorite this post. So many useful information. Thanks.
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    Cucumbers are just pre-pickles
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    I thought there was evidence that caffeine under a certain amount was no more a diuretic than water.
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