Hey guys, I'm looking for some feedback for a new website I launched socialfeedapi.com. It provides quick and easy API access to any Instagram media feed (for any public username or hashtag). Is this something that you guys think will be useful in the dev world? Is it just me, or has anyone here tried to gain access to an Instagram feed and was frustrated in doing so? Thanks in advance!

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    Cambridge Analytica... here we come!
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    Couple of questions.

    Do you use their API’s or do you scrape it?

    I think the fear would be that it could just stop working if they don’t like you doing it.

    I also think you need a range of paid options.

    Instagrams API’s are pretty simple so my question would be why?
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    $60 for an API?
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    @NonImportant- wait serious?

    $60/month to use an api, that uses a free api, which is probably built on


    Love it! 😂

    @techdoc, is this your site in a nutshell?
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    Who is going to pay for "coming soon" features?
    Especially that much!
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    @gazza101uk we scrape Instagram data. Instagram has discontinued access to their API. They still do have API via Facebook, but it's extremely limited and pretty much useless. If Instagram makes any updates we'll just update our code as well to make sure it's always working.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, looks like this has not been received well, which is ok. I ran into a problem where I was not able to access simple Instagram data for my clients (even via APIs), and it was frustrating. That's why I made the website. But looks like this might be an edge case problem that not a lot of people ran into in the past.
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