So we've been on our Christmas holidays/vacation and decided to spend New year's eve at my place barbecuing.

Yes needless to say that we got somewhat intoxicated, had steak etc and then fucking fell asleep on the floor outside.
In -3 C°.
Woke up like 20 minutes later according to my friends.
Decided to continue barbecuing but since the fire turned into half dead embers I decided to fucking chop up some wooden planks laying around.

Short recap.
New year's Eve.
Fell asleep.
Woke up.
Chopped up planks in the dead of night.

Continued barbecuing afterwards.
Fire ablaze again, roasted the remainder of the meat and since it was too boring for me I decided to pour fucking Korn, (German alcohol) over the flames.
Needless to say my arm hairs burnt off.

Friend comes out, sees me, fucking dies of laughter.

All promised to stfu about it.

Anyway the flamed steak and stuff were still delicious.

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    Your story is bloody hilarious!
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    @M1sf3t Sounds familiar!
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    Congratulations you have nearly died out of cold and heat in the same day.
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    Got drunk, ate stake, had a fire, feel asleep in cold weather, chopped wood.

    Sounds like fucking heaven.

    Only way it could be more perfect is to add sex on top of a bear skin rug.

    God damn do I love being outdoors in miserable weather.

    When it's bad outside, it makes me feel alive.
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    @Wisecrack Remind me of inviting the girls over.
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