I cannot learn to let go.
It is eating me alive from inside.

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    I would not use global variables but rather variables with a limited scope. This makes letting go a lot easier.

    Jokes aside, I hope everything will turn out well and that you can let go of whatever is tearing you down! Stay strong 🍀
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    Get. Help. ffs
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    that's because there is no learning to let go. There's figuring out how to move on with your life but the only correlation there is that "letting go" just sorta happens as you put your plan into motion. Til then you just gotta grit your teeth and man up.
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    In order to let go, one must first remove 🖐 from 🍆

    One does not learn, one realises it has occurred.
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    “Devil shivers when the nice guy loses his patience”
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    That is interesting I guess. Might I suggest fb or Twitter instead? or a doctor?
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    Very well. Admitting that you haveba problem and thst you cannot/dunno how to work on yourself is a good thing.

    You don't have to carry your burden alone, all by yourself. Do you think you could use someone's help now? If yes - try and find someone who you could trust to lead you through all this mess. Be it a friend or a professional in the field [is it a mental thing? A job for psychologist?]

    good job so far!
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    Apply for manager role ... Problem solved
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