I thought maybe it's time to change my Services NSW password, and chose =onWl?$2w/bxJ"UU as my new password...

I guess there's no escaping it. Aussies are dumb

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    Well, it is NSW 🤷‍♂️

    There's a reason why some of us leave the state 😅
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    @C0D4 And go where? To Victoria where they hire gang members as cops, or Qld where get their driving licenses by showing they know how to open the door?
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    @FuckJava hey, I got to get a job somehow in VIC, plus QLD's driving test is far harder then VIC, down here it's "yes, you can see your car in the parking lot"
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    if i understand correctly aussies are austrians, so you forgot umlauts in your password :)
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    7 or more characters?!
    Special characters?!

    Some people would kill for that security.
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