This Monday the website I created for my school will go online at 10:45 and about 50 students will start accessing it all at the same time making 20/30 requests each in the timespan of a couple of minutes.

I am very much afraid that it'll go offline or break. And I put my name on it so hopefully everything goes well and Heroku doesn't suddenly decided to restart the server because there's too much traffic.

TBH, I've been a bit stupid, I could easily reduce the number of requests per user. Might do it before Monday.

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    50 students with 30 requests over let's say 3 minutes is 8.3 requests per second. If neither the platform nor your code is total garbage, that shouldn't be a problem.

    Although "website" has a 90% probability of being a bloated train wreck if the current status of the web in general is anything to go by.
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    Do a load testing.
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    @NoToJavaScript That's probably the way to go, I'll try to stress it a little bit and see what happens.

    @Fast-Nop I think my code is quite reliable, my only concerns are Heroku and the database hosting which is very limited.
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    @devgianlu even on absolute shite hardware that many requests is basically nothing
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    The launch went smoothly, the website hold perfectly and the service time never went over 50ms. 🎉🎉
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