Writing css is still better than having to refactor angular code.


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    I've been doing this for a month. Send help.
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    Is anyone actually legit saying: wow, new project, angular is perfect for this job, let's do this with angular!! And all that with a straight face?!

    Sorry, I'm legit confused how this should be 'easier' and more readable and all that shit.. I admit, I am biased cuz I don't like front end work at all, but still looking at some old code with angular..it gave me nightmares..I still dread the day my other tasks clear up and I am faced with this shit again.. //might be just my shitty ex co workers who overcomplicated/fucked up things and designed the whole thing badly (so many nuget packages I can't even decide which fw is the worst and causing problems)..
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    @hashedram may be the force be with you :P
    Just out of curiosity do your project has tests?
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    @sladuled It's impossible to come up with an absolute clean Angular codebase, but if people just try a bit, it helps a lot. But no, everyone has stories to complete, so f*** that
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    @iSupportThanos I'm fkin trying man but the douches around me are trying their damnest to fuck it up
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    @hashedram ahahahah, they always do.
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