Facebook keeps popping up with news about merging Instagram into Facebook to create F.B.I

I'm like WHAT THE F***!

Ahh, I realize people arent going to give a shit about this either.

They can slowly bake it in a *slow boiling a frog style* and eventually it will be merged.

Delete Facebook.
Delete Instagram.
Delete Whatsapp.

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    Fakebook is just like Google which are just like Amazon... You get my point. They monopolize theire niche until they become necessities and the government kicks in to seize it to use it to spy themselves. And as they are already spying for the NSA they will never be stopped.
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    Won't suprise me if they move Whatsapp into fb as well, considering their logo is already in it
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    I'm still hanging on to WhatsApp by a thin thread.

    should they do it, and that's going to go.
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    Ahh great.

    There are reports of facebook losing 29,000 employees banking data.

    And they hid it from public for TWO weeks.


    To even think of giving our data to them.😒
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    What does it matter if they merge it?

    It is the same company, all your data was already merged with that of FB a long time ago.

    You should've quite Instagram when FB bought it.
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    Wish I could delete instagram but too many people use it, I only have Facebook because it's the only way some of my family know how to contact me, and I've said fuck Whatsapp for a while and use Telegram or anything else instead.
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    I suppose the merger of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp into a single 'experience' is only a matter of time. Though I very much doubt they would call it FBI, as that acronym is already occupied by a well-known US government agency.

    Besides, as someone else already noted, under the hood they are already so intertwined as to be indistinguishable. So even if I tend to think of myself as being on permanent hiatus from FB and Insta, my usage of WhatsApp (caused by practically everyone else using it) still keeps Facebook's grip on my data tight.

    My only consolation is that they can't read the texts (if what they say is true, and the encryption keys are only on the end user's device).
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