Old forums with posts from a decade ago are more helpful (and friendly) than StackOverflow. Fact.

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    I let myself to make a small equation.

    Smaller community equals less assholes.
    Less assholes equals no assholes dominated topics.
    No assholes dominated topics equals friendly people.
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    Yeah, all the stuff I find useful there are years old. I wasn't even Programming when they wrote that question/answer.
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    It is not a fact. It is your personal experience. I could not agree less with it.
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    @vane <asshole class="devrant-big-enough">Since assholes are countable, that would be fewer assholes, not less.</asshole>
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    The current state of stackoverflow:

    - Hundreds of retarded questions
    - Normal questions get downvoted to hell or get flagged as duplicate
    - Questions that actually need an answer are not worth bothering for the 15 reputation, might as well answer a stupid question
    - Stupid questions are not worth answering because new users are likely to not ever mark your answer as correct if they fix their problem
    - Toxic community

    Idk I really gave it a try, tried to answer some questions for like two months now, but either shit is too specific or I just get downvoted. And no one ever bothers to upvote anything, everything relevant has already been asked
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