Many people want a cashless society. This is especially useful when:

- you just lost your bank card.
- the banks mobile payment app isn't working at all.
- its Saturday evening.

I'm so fucking glad that I've got some cash left at home and that cash is still a valid payment method 😅

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    I like both. The anomity of cash and the fast checkout of my bankcard.
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    Many people use cash as the primary payment, at least here in bfe US.

    I'd like a world where cash is viewed as a back up payment method instead of primary.
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    I'm cashless, use Apple Pay for almost everything.
    I have my card on me if I need it, but it's very rare.
    Cash I haven't used in about a year or so.
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    @Stuxnet you have never been in europe?
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    @stop dude I've only been in 5 states total, with 4 of them basically being the same damn state culture wise.

    @C0D4 Walmart is a cunt for not taking contactless payment. It pisses me off. Like the drink machines on campus accept contactless payment but the largest chain store in the fuckin country can't accept it 🥴🥴🙄
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    @stop wait, can you already survive without cash in Germany?
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    @M1sf3t I remember when I was a kid nobody seemed to fully trust credit cards. It's getting better tho lmao. At least the cities in the bfe states down here are warming up to the technology.

    Also helps when you're buying that under the table gun without papers bc they don't need to know how many I have! (Plus it's cheaper sooo 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️)
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    @electrineer basically yes, you can. But there are still stores that don't accept "plastic money" and then you need cash. Also it's a good idea to always have some cash with you
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    @electrineer in Denmark I don't think you need cash at all. I haven't had any for the past five years and the few stores that don't take card take mobile pay which is easy to set up for small businesses. You'd have to search pretty hard for a real, decent size store that doesn't take card though. Even my moms shop, which she literally runs out of the garage, takes card.
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    @Elyz yeah, that's normal. I've heard that Germany is an exception.
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    @electrineer yes the PSD1 did much for the acceptance. Only really small businesses have cash only.
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    And to be indipendent from GAAFM the local banks have their own payment apps that nearly work out of the box.
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    I much prefer cash
    But making change is always annoying.
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    @Root coins are only good whenever you take them and get them turned into paper. Shit adds up quickly lol

    I had like $45 after like 3 months
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    @Stuxnet Yeah. I have children, though, and quarters make wonderful payments for small chores/etc.

    I also have this amusing superstition from an ex about the urn that I use to store my change in. It's possessed and gives bad luck to whomever removes any money, or otherwise draws its attention. We even named it Urnie. 😊 It's total BS ofc, but it amuses me.
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    If the subject is about digital payment vs cash, and the op smells of privacy, someone has to mention China.
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    I like being a tourist in a cashless city, because of the convenience of not managing change and I can legitimately turn away beggers without feeling guilty. I hate the few days I was in Montreal because they only accept local debit.
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    I like cash much more.
    Paying with it is no problem, doesn't require entering my PIN, worrying about a card and all that.
    Just hand it to the cashier and you're done.
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    So you are they guy who blocks line for 20 people because cashier has to go to the bank and exchange money so you can get your change
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    @PAKA I'm entirely not getting what you mean. Why would the cashier go to the bank to exchange something while I'm standing there?!
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    @stop in my European country, cash is still pretty abundant. There are many (young) people that are slowly moving towards cashless for the convenience, but there's still plenty of cash going around.
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    I basically don't use cash, but I am trying to go back on it.

    It is safer (I prefer someone to steal a few buckets from my wallet than had a gun on my head and someone making me transfer / pay a huge amount of money)

    It is more private, as there is not much tracking on it.

    It is cheaper to the store, that usually give some discounts. And we have a better bargain on it.

    So I am slowing moving back to it.
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    @brunofontes how often does someone have a gun on your head and make you transfer money?

    Oh, you're from Brazil. Nvm.

    At least you can cancel the payment if they let you free soon enough. And the bank probably does not let it through as it looks too suspicious.
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    @electrineer not to forget the tan-generator in Germany.
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    Yeah, try to buy a used motorcycle with a credit card. I'm sure Johnny from the garage has a private terminal somewhere.

    On the other hand:

    0. Johnny probably has a bank account and you can transfer the money instantly (takes less than 2 minutes in most of EU).

    1. How come you don't have your card registered with Google Pay or Apple Pay or any wallet with NFC support?

    2. You don't need an app to pay with a card and if you do (e.g. for 3DS) then why the hall do you only have one card and one app? It's 21st century, get 2 backup bank accounts.

    3. The only two things that might not work on Saturday night are ATMs and card limits. You should still be able to pay with that card everywhere, even more than what you own.
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    0. Could be but I prefer cash.
    1. Because I don't have an active google account and even if I had, I don't trust google with any data regarding payment.
    2. A backup account is a good idea but except for that, I don't need credit cards or any other cards for anything but flights and the laws around that are different here than in most countries, I think.
    3. I take out cash during the day mostly and prefer to pay by cash as well.
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    Here in India, the government is pushing for cashless system but unless its power issues and the ranking in blocking the internet improves, going full cashless will be a dumb idea. Currently it has highest ranking in blocking internet in several of states.
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    Cashless is the worst. It is the ultimate example of giving up privacy and freedom in exchange for some mild convenience, which has been a worrying trend as of late.

    It's vulnerable AF. It'll hinge the entire economy on the permanent accessibility of power, which is plain stupid because it means any serious blackout will put the whole economy on the fritz. The amount of chaos you get in cashless leaning societies from minor, local blackouts are extremely concerning and this is just with the power gone for a few hours.

    Anyone who manages to own and control the digital currencies will have untold, godly powers over humanity, and if history is anything to go by it won't end well.

    Imo, going cashless is signing the death warrant on your country the moment any medium to major calamity happens. If something bad happens and there's no peaceful means of trade in place, any society will tear itself apart. Cash has many problems but I'll take it over cashless any day.
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