Seriously I'm using Intellij IDEA Ultimate, should I migrate to VS Code ? or should I just stay where I am ?

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    for Java development? stay where you are......
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    Here's an idea that might be a lil too bold but oh well....

    If you're using something that works and you like it, why change? Don't let the opinionated assholes in the tech community bully you into something you don't like.

    (At the same time, don't be close minded and avoid change lmao. But don't change for the sake of fitting in.)
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    Why are you using IntelliJ?

    Why are you looking to switch to VsCode?

    Now since you didn't list the languages you use, I'm assuming php based on you're profile.

    VsCode offers a lot but it comes down to what you use and how you're dev environment is setup to be able to use vsCode to its full potential.
    I love the remote ssh extension as I work with virtual machines I can login and use vsCode for file browsing, direct ssh in the terminal, and remote git while having VM specific plugins per VM.
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    Personally I just prefer the full jetbrains stack to not have to switch workflows
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    <obligatory vim joke />

    no but real talk: just use whatever you like best and what you feel most productive with.

    [just as long as that something isn't emacs]
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    I strongly dislike setting up vscode, I prefer to have phpstorm/rider as my development environment really

    Especially since I don't have to pay for them :)
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    @C0D4 tbh intelij was the second IDE I ever used the main languages im using recently are JS and PHP more js than php. I'm using react, laravel, node, swagger ...

    The thing is ok full stacking, so multiple instances of intelij with Android are killing my RAM not the right time a hardware upgrade. Will VS price to be more efficient?
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    Swipe typing apologies for the syntax and grammatical errors in my previous post
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    Why not try both and then decide on which you like best?
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