Can the devRant team move '++' and '--' to the right side of the post? I'm feeling it really hard to upvote the post while using my 20:9 aspect ratio phone in one hand.

- sincerely a first world user problem

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    I stretch my thumb across my note 9 to click them lol
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    I use my nose
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    I'm pretty sure this is on purpose. So that you don't accidentally vote while holding your phone. And it's a deliberately decision to reach out to the left side of the screen. It's "work" and thus more rewarding and so more addicting.

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    I use my dic... Dictionary ofc
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    Putting aligned content at the ragged right side of a rant would look awful, plus that it would be easy to accidentally vote instead of scrolling.
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    You know you can just double tap, the same as on Instagram fe?
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    @myss never knew this. You're a 'i might drop my phone in the toilet because of using my phone in one hand on devRant' saviour.
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    oh boy i sure have a good feeling about this one
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    "sincerely a first world problem" - Happy you feel that way about yourself
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    @Fast-Nop Did a test, I tried my very best to hit ++ or - - while scrolling and it seems to be very very difficult on my end.

    Also, users generally scroll at the centre of screen because convinience.
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    You're forgetting left handed people
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    @tbodt as I , but mostly use my phone in my right hand, most of the time while smoking lol
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    20:9 ? LAME.

    Haxk20 gabs his 21:9 phone. Now we are talking.
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    I hold the phone with my left hand now instead.
    Why? devRant.
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