I am about to refactor a huge reactjs/nodejs spagetti code into angular9 front and php7.3 backend.

Change my mind

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    Angular hurts my soul, but the PHP part is nice.
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    @drac94 sounds like an improvement to me.

    Reactjs / node = spaghetti, who knew 😅
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    I was just starting to learn react lol
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    Reactjs and nodejs are mixed in the same project. There are hundreds of folders containing 3liners components that imports other components placed in completely other directory three. Lot of code is duplicated with minor changes. Many graphql requests are made multipletimes.

    I guess if i refactor ill have a code base with less then 1% of the size of the actual one.

    I chose angular because i hate jsx and the mixed view/intelligence of reactjs. Angular is the only one that separated views from code. And with service injection i am sure to query data one time.

    Of course this can be acheived with react in a way or another, (redux and stuff) but still, soon or later the spagetti code will be there as react is NOT suitable for agile dev
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    @devapsarl react is very much suitable for agile development.

    But given your situation I agree that rewriting (not refactoring) the code might be the best solution for you.
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    @bioDan yes mate, it may be suitable for agile, but the developer should be a pro ! Otherwise he will endup nesting components in an awful way.

    I hate when a framework provide lot of freedom for developpers, they will always endup doing shit
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    I guess i am talking about "convention over configuration"
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