I was looking at 2019 stateofjs survey. I'm really surprised with all this hate towards Angular. I've been using Angular for past 3 years now, and apart from the mess with versions, I think it's the most complete and beautiful framework out there. I get that not all the people like Angular that much as me but 38% satisfaction (compared to 78% for preact and 88% for svelte for example) in my opinion is craziness.

LINK: https://2019.stateofjs.com/

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    The versioning mess is one of the most common reasons I hear.

    Its hard to depend in a framework that breaks your code if you update. At least if you build business applications.

    The second is that it is a complete framework. Its not really but to just handle some parts of a page which means that if you have a successful site you almost have to rebuild it from scratch while with many others you can convert it piece by piece which is much easier to get approval for as you can show results faster.

    We evaluated angular vs react and after trying both for about 6 weeks (different developers tested each one) they then demonstrated them for the rest explaining how they worked.

    Then we decided that react was better suited.

    If you start a new project, maybe angular is better as it has most parts in place instead of using multiple frameworks for different problems.
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