I'm a programmer and an aspiring cyber security specialist. Yesterday, after I gave a presentation about smart bulb hacking, I heard through a coworker that a cyber security company is interested in talking to me. Yay!

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    you mean you are a hacker ?
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    Cool! :D
    whats the fun and the frightening part of cracking smart lightbulbs? And which one would you recomend, if any?
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    @DarkMukke Pentester/hacker etc yeah
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    @daemonAD I get so many things when I say that... porn star, miner (lol), hacker, etc.
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    @daemonAD especially with the 'xxx' at the end of his name... Maybe he *could* have a career in nerd-pr0n with that handle
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    Scene 1: A woman ("MILF") is standing behind a desk in the office complaining loudly about Chinese hackers stealing company secrets

    Enter LinuXXX: "I heard you need me"

    Boss: "Who are you?"

    LinuXXX: "I'm a penetration tester, ma'am, and I'm here to help you secure your network"

    Boss: "Oh my, that sounds hard!"

    LinuXXX: "You have no idea, here, let me show you..."
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    @DarkMukke didn't the three x's give it away? 😉

    Was the presentation recorded?
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    @brod that shouts pornstar, not hacker
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    @heyheni The one we cracked literally broadcasts the wifi password and ssid across the whole network in plain text
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    @daemonAD Yeah I get those laughing or giggling reactions a lot :P
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