Spent fifteen minutes finding the right playlist to listen to while coding

5 minute later, I pause the music trying to focus

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    That's why I stopped listening to music long long ago. My mind can't be fixed to listen to anything while focusing on Coding
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    5 hours later you find out you've been sitting in silence with headphones on ever since
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    @Jowsey also helps keep the chatty Kathy's at bay.
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    Just do what I do and make a playlist of music (or anything really) that you don't normally listen to, but also don't dislike listening to. The idea is to have noise without drawing attention to said noise.
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    In my case, I can't listen to voices, so I tend to listen to almost anything that is not a song.

    Instrumentals, electronic music, or even white sounds.

    Also, I found out that, if the music has a pace to it. (Starts slow, progresses to something sort of fast, and then relaxes again in a 45min~80min period) that's what works best for me.
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    I think I'm unable to sysadmin/code without fast/hard music!

    When I really need to focus, on goes my most aggressive/hard playlist :)
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