Merry Christmas

Or happy holidays for the people who hate Christmas for what ever reason.

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    I love how this totally became a thing to not say merry christmas anymore because it may offend someone. That's exactly like the whole transgender he/she/it bullshit. The best thing about talking with people is that it gets harder every day.
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    @nitwhiz I almost left it out, then I remembered the Santa icon update for vsCode... somehow a nice gesture became a religious war... down side to living in the modern world, oppression still exists to those who go out of their way to find it.
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    Listen here you upside down fuck.... It's not Christmas yet for all of us yet so stop assuming our date 😤😤😤😤
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    @Stuxnet don't blame me for you're lack of time travelling skills.
    Keep up with the rest of the world 😏
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    This is what i wanted to express but you did it better ;)
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    @C0D4 the worst part about that issue submission was that the article he linked presented 2 sources of offense: christianity and the holocaust... OF WHICH A SANTA HAT REFERS TO NEITHER!

    I really do want to sit down with that man over drinks and ask him why in the world he (if at all) really, truly felt a calling to submit this issue. I desperately need to know. Its burning in my mind.
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    @arcsector Santa refers to Christmas, Christmas refers to Jesus being born, Jesus = religious nut warfare.

    It's not hard to join the dots.
    It's not like it was a swastika, then sure, "we" as the human race will probably have an issue with it.
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    @C0D4 except that the Santa hat is an image concocted by americans in the early 1800s, not an image at all associated with christianity, so to say that it should be associated with the religion just because of the date is like saying:

    "Im offended by the celebrating of david lynch's Twin Peaks first airing because it's the same day as the first time the Nazi's began issuing notices to burn books" (both took place on april 8th, the latter in 1933, the former in 1990)

    Its inane.
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    @C0D4 merry Christmas upside down fuck 😂
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