Fuck. Look at all these pieces.

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    man, my exact feelings, we barely have any space anymore!!!
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    Haha. Hope Santa got you some slippers
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    Doesn't even look that bad
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    Is this a `make` joke?
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    IDK, doesn't look that bad.. I've taught my 2yo to keep his toys in his room with a few exceptions. Should I find anything that is not supposed to be outside his room I call him out and ask to get all those rogue pieces back to where they belong.

    All the legos are in his room
    All the wooden pizzas with wooden toppings are in his room
    All the wooden cubes are in his room

    Balls, some soft and some larger toys (up to the size of a lunch box) could be anywhere he feels fit. They are easy to spot and not painful to step on.

    And every evening ALL the toys are to be returned to their places by the kiddo himself. I only point finger to where toys are if needed. I found this to be the most effective! Several weeks after we've started this practice spread of playing area has shrunk significantly :)

    So.. I don't really feel your pain, sorry. There's still time to the NewYear - send an email to Santa, maybe he'll drop a pair of slippers on his way back to North!
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    I feel your pain. My daughter just got a "giant" refrigerator. One more big stuff that will not fit her too.
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    *her room
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