Are there any plan9 (related) software users here? I don't want to feel alone...

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    Tf is plan9?
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    @olback some kernel.
    Sadly I had to go digging a bit to work that part out.

    Also why would you be using something so outdated?
    updated June, 2003

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    surely there's some fork of plan9 out there?
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    Yes. 9front (the front fell off) is there (and a few other forks). Also the original plan9 (9legacy) receives some patches, but not that often. Also plan9 is not only a kernel, it's based on the unix philosophy (more than unix itself) and a complete system with many modern solutions
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    @C0D4 plan9 has very modern concepts and many things "done right". It abstracts everything to the same interface (file) and has a consistent usability. It's a clean OS and designed for graphical software (sadly no 3d) and mouse usage in a distributed network.

    Imagine your speakers, displays, computing server, file server and internet gateway are all individual machines and behave like one. They are all connected via the same protocol. And you can use the setup with multiple users and everything is authenticated and encrypted. The users are literally sitting on the same computer and it's more like they sit next to each other than in any other modern solution (I can open files on your terminal, for example).

    And that's all done with a lightweight, rest-like IP protocol and a small kernel and some fileservers. Plan9 can be ported easily (raspberry pi etc.) And there's inferno, a java-like implementation running on all major OSs (or bare hardware). Compile once, run everywhere.
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