google drive, dropbox, onedrive and GITHUB (😞) blocked for political reasons in Turkey...
Little thought for the dev's out there and every people that uses those services for work

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    Sorry to hear that. Give a try to tor.
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    @rookiemaverick I leave in France right now so there's no problem for me but I was born there and it breaks my heart to see what they're going through politically :(
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    I'm a Turk that's born and raised here in the United States and it absolutely pisses me off that it is the year 2016 and a country that claims to be "democratic" can censor the internet.
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    @jdmkaan Indeed. Ataturk would be ashamed.
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    @Christine You are absolutely right. What a great guy that strived towards modernization and westernization. It's like nowadays Turkey is doing everything that is against those visions.
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    @jdmkaan When I heard about the recent coop, I was like, "holy shit, it's finally happening, the military is doing its duty and returning that young nation to its secular-government roots."

    But alas.

    The problem with democracy, it seems, is that everyone gets a vote.
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    @kalpitjain Well there was a guide on there recently that showed people how to get round China's firewall restrictions, so for the same reason, I guess.
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    Can't access dropbox but others work fine for me.. fucking turkey can't even use paypal anymore i want out of here !
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    Have you tried Express VPN? That's the one I used while I was visiting China.
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    That is so sad 🙁 hope it changes.
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    @Maharba I can't tell you for sure, as i'm not there right now but it wasn't said that they blocked access to bitbucket
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    GitHub blocked. Of course! Because you can organise a rebellion against the government by creating a branch on their repo and asking people to commit on it. #dafuck
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    Create a VPN on Amazon cloud it's free for a year , and decent speeds
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    @Maharba that is not the problem. Since you can set up your own GitLab server anyways. The problem is that github hosts a lot of software, which are used as dependencies by in development. And also all the open source software, which the Turkish people cannot collaborate to. It's sad.
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    @Yeah69 Could you not download them on a VPN and then host those packages locally?
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    They've hamstrung their own tech economy.
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    @drRoss sure. But the thing is that by censoring github the Turkish government made a clear statement that they don't want you to use it anymore. I would be cautious, because they would not like you to use it over VPN. Maybe they would track you. Who knows? Anything is possible there now.
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    @Yeah69 it's like if they banned steel imports just because they thought someone can make knives with it to kill people...
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