Look... No

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    How expensive is Apple's reasonable?
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    Aaaaaaaaaxaxxaxa aaaaxaxaxa!
    *laughs in glorious PC gaming

    Rush B
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    hahaha hahaha "for a reasonable price"
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    Thats hardware. What about games that dont support mac os? You can make a hackintosh but windows usually runs shitty on mac hardware
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    1.Price will be shit
    2.Hardware will be shit (durability)
    3.Nearly non existent games on Mac OS
    4.Fuck apple in general.
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    Whooot a Mac Gaming pc...... without the games 😑
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    Patently Apple reports that a rumor originating from Taiwan talks about a ‘gaming’ Mac from Apple that could fetch a price of up to $5,000 with the sole intention of targeting the e-sports market.

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    Not only is the price and hardware is a joke, but also Apple's dumbass deprecating OpenGL too early, basically showing that they can't even properly support a large chunk of games-they don't help game devs at all.
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    @NonImportant- The fun part is that after few years everyone are trying to copy them like there is no tomorrow :D Like first iphon which had poorer hw yet pricier than others. Rest is history.
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    >>> Apple != Reasonable Price
    > True
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    Please just no
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    *Launches high-end gaming pc for reasonable price*
    *gpu is not included and can be bought seperately*
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    I'll believe it when I see it.

    At this point, Apple computers aren't even close to having a "reasonable price", and even the most hardcore Apple zealots stopped making up excuses like "but quality" or "but features".
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    I legit laughing my ass of reading that title
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    This is a monumentally bad idea. I am not too much on the side of Apple hating, I don't particularly dislike their computers, software of their phones....but by heavens why would someone want to spend money and resources in developing something like this when there is already a king in industry for gaming.

    I am by king of industry in gaming talking about Nintendo of course.
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    Maybe an ARM based Low end Machine for streaming Games with Apple arcade. Pricing starts from 999$.
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    Just an FYI, I love Mac OS and can ALMOST justify the price they charge but look, you don't get a Mac to game.

    I'll still personally develop games for Mac because it is an option and every option deserves a shot (I'm still planning on releasing for windows mobile)

    Buy still, a gaming Mac, nope not happening
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    And now i have to sell both my kidneys!
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    Reasonable price: $2999.99
    - monitor stand $999.99
    - rubber feet for the cabinet: $799.99
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    @Cystal MacBook Pro. For days when one kidney is just enough.
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    😂😂😂 20k for a laptop then?
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    Somewhat reasonable by Apple shareholder metrics.
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