A friend bought a new PC and asked me to help him set it up. He said he got everything working except the CD drive. He said it took him forever just to figure out how to get the keyboard and mouse to work. "I mean, have you ever owned a computer where the keyboard and mouse had to plug into the monitor instead of the computer?"

He bought a desktop PC, and and all-in-one thinking it was a monitor. He had the HDMI going from the all-in-one to the desktop, and was trying to use the CD drive on the desktop.

Wish you could've seen his face when I unplugged the desktop computer and his "monitor" didn't shut off. He looked at the desktop, and then the all-in-one, and said, "Wait... How is it still on?"

He also had his old USB wifi plugged into the desktop thinking that's what was providing him with an internet connection.

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    My broke college ass wants his wallet, because he apparently doesn‘t even notice that he bought two computers instead of one.
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    @possum The all in one cost more than the desktop, too. You'd think that would've clued him in when the "monitor" was more expensive than the computer. He's either got deep pockets, or a lot of credit card debt. Six months later he bought a new gaming PC so he can play Civ 6. He said he's keeping the all in one, and taking it in to the store to be factory reset. That's going to be his Internet browsing PC now. In his mind, there's a difference between a gaming PC and a regular PC to browse the Internet. He also has a backup iPad for when his breaks. It just sits in a drawer, never been opened.
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    @ezpz oh boy
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    🤦‍♂️ one facepalm for not noticing anything strange about your monitor and your setup.

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ two for then *keeping both* computers, with one completely redundant and unnecessary.

    I mean, some people don't have a clue about computers. That's okay. But throwing money down the drain because you either don't care or are just *that* dumb? Oh man... Please don't let this guy reproduce...
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    @VaderNT He's definitely a bit of a spendthrift. When BluRay came out he tossed his entire collection of about 200 DVDs and replaced them all with BluRay. Most are still unopened to this day. Now he's doing the same thing with 4K. He had the entire Stargate collection on DVD. That was just one collection of many. He just tossed it. His bin was completely full of DVDs. He didn't tell anybody he was doing it. I didn't know until after it was gone. I only found out when his roommate was complaining to me that they had no room in the trash that week because of it.
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    @ezpz roommate? He lives with a roommate because all his money goes into being a dumb shit?
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    @electrineer He rents a room, but in his defence, it is very expensive where we live. But, yeah, he's terrible with money.

    He has two computers sitting side by side on a 4 foot desk in a room with a king-sized bed and a 50" 4K TV. Two mice, two keyboards, four speakers, and a tiny desk. There's no room to walk. You have to climb on his bed to get to anything.
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    @ezpz sounds like a perfect room though
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    This dumb fuck sounds like he is on his way to become a CEO of some tech company if you ask me. He will have have smart ppl working for him, so he can afford redundant swimming pools, porsches, etc. Noone will call him dumb then. :)
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    Hahahahah wtf man 😂
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    @AtuM i would.
    he's precisely the type causing my deppression from how the world is.

    like the dude who has no idea about game development but has a discord server with 1000 members for a "game" he's "developing" (supposed to be multiplayer mobile fps "like rainbow 6 siege") , posting "progress updates" in the form of videos of a capsule with basic FPSController script on it, saying "look at what our talented programmer just finished! we're going to have closed beta in a month! here's my patreon if you want to support us!"

    oh and he made the patreon because the "fans" asked for it so they can support him.

    he called in an "important voicecall meeting, i require all team members to be there", and proceeded to try and make a crosshair graphics in complete silence for half an hour.

    i don't mind dunning kruger morons, but the fact that he's got 1000 "fans" who don't realize he's a moron, THAT's deppressing.
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