Do we all agree that in the end all we wanna get from working somewhere is primarily money and not experience?

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    Money gets you through life, experience gets you a story to tell at the end of the road.
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    Definitely not always. So no, I cannot agree with this. The last 6 years I was in this industry entirely for the xp and skills. Fuck it, I even switched from sysadmin to dev for 3x lower salary just to get xp!

    Now I'm in a place un my life where I need to save up €, where I have xp and skills, so now I'm to change my working mode from learning to gold mining.

    So again, my answer is NO. Your proposed hypothesis is not always truthy.
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    I grabbed jobs to get experience when I was younger. Now with that experience I have flexibility and better negotiating power for getting what I'm worth.

    So, no. I cannot agree either.
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    Not always.
    I pick up something to earn a fuck ton for a while, then take the rest of the year off to invest in experience. That experience is what I live for, but it so happens that the next time I'm off to earn, the experience boosts the income.

    It's a not-so-vicious cycle.
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    It's money when you realize no matter what you do doesn't matter anymore...

    Or maybe I have just given up.... I feel as long as I don't get fired, I don't care...

    And if I get fired or need to find a new job, I'm fckd no matter how much experience I have since that's been pretty much the experience I have whenever I try to find a better job...
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    Primarily? Yes. Only? No! Sometimes it quite fun to solve real life problems.
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