A consistent sleeping schedule as well as getting rid of procrastination

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    Do you have a strategy for this or just going cold turkey one week to sleep and wake up at set times?
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    not a bad idea, I could use that as well!
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    @drego Yeah, I already prepared a thing or two. For example, I want to get rid of YouTube as a source of procrastination. In order to do that, I blocked it entirely on my laptop and desktop and set a 75 minute limit on my mobile phone. To be able to still listen to my favourite music from some 24/7 livestreams, I wrote a small but fancy website that gets it running without getting blocked.

    For sleep, I plan on showing my sleeping duration after each night to another person or publish it somewhere. When I know that other people are judging, I will work really hard to get rid of a problem.
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    @Treasure nice, I might actually steal some of those ideas! Similar strategy to some people getting in shape with the buddy system 💁🏼‍♂️ best of luck for 2020!
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