According to the report of Reuters : Brazil's Ministry of Justice said on Monday it has fined U.S. tech giant Facebook 6.6 million reais ($1.6 million) for improperly sharing user data. The ministry's department of consumer protection said it had found that data from 443,000 Facebook users was made improperly available to developers of an App called 'thisisyourdigitallife.' The data was being shared for "questionable" purposes, the ministry said in a statement.

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    So around $4 per affected person?

    This is for PR. Facebook won't even take this seriously.

    And Brazil just put a price on how much personal data is worth per person in that county. The price tag is set now for Brazilians.
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    I'm always wondering what countries do with the money that they get from theses fines.
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    @MrCSharp was thinking exactly the same thing
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    @cephei spend it on coke and hookers, what else?
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    @cephei straight into bolsonaro's pocket ofcourse

    as for countries that do not compete in the corruption Olympics, it generally goes into the treasury and gets added to next years budgets
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    @dakkarant so... You're saying tax cuts for corporations (that hired some lobbiests) and promis economic growth?
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    @dakkarant do you have proof about it or is it classic leftist smear.
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