Hey im new to programming. Im trying to learn python do you guys have any tips and tricks.

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    Read the tutorials and documentation, and practice.
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    @bahua Any good places to get study guides and such?
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    @metamourge haha why not?
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    Pick a search engine and use it to search for python. There are countless excellent resources. I cannot recommend a specific one. SEO will handle that. That's what it's for.
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    Just start a project and google & learn by doing.
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    This is probably pretty good for a start:
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    Python is a high-level language that abstracts away a fuckton of things.
    If you learn Python first, you won't know about memory management, pointers or other more low-level things, that are very much relevant for performance and memory safety.
    I recommend you to learn C.
    It may seam hard, but the stuff you'll learn is relevant in most languages.
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    Never give up. Never surrender.
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    If you ask someone for help, don't just tell them "help code not work"; send them the code, tell them what your code is supposed to do, what the error is and what you've already tried to solve the issue.
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    Aand devrant thought again that @metamourge's comment "Don't" was worth cencoring. You can still see it in his profile so it was not deleted.
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    @jallman112 Activate the Omega-13!
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    @metamourge Learning C really sucks as newcomer. Let them start with high-level and then go lower.
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    Create a simple Guess the number game first.
    - This will get you to set up the environment, print output, get input from user, importing dependencies and do a simple if logic with it...

    Then a simple text game with two rooms to walk between, an inventory and at least two items to pick up to win (one in each room maybe? Up to you!)

    - This will teach you about loops, bigger structures like arrays and dictionaries and will give you something fast that you accomplished and a nice sandbox to play with

    By the end you'll know all the basic features of the language and it shouldn't take long to finish and essentially should be fun. From there on you are free to explore and do whatever you want. At this point Id suggest you try modifying the game to use functions and classes but chances are you will learn about those just by googling the answer to the first two tasks

    This works for any language you wish to learn :)
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