Should linting and syntax highlighting be separate options in editors? It seems to me that anytime i just want a nice syntax highlighting extension in vscode i end up with a shitton of linter errors that i didn't ask for... I just wanted to see my keywords, dammit!

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    Asking because I'm building a splunk syntax highlighting extension and am wondering whether to incorporate linting as a separate or integrated option...

    Maybe integrated with an option to turn it off...
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    Personally, I prefer them seperate.
    I may not agree with the linter on a "presentation" level.
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    Well, linting without syntax highlighting doesn't make much sense, but syntax highlighting without linting definitely does.
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    Perks of being colorblind
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    @tekashi aaaaaaahhh, a fellow colorblind coder! Is that a purple or blue syntax highlight? Fuck if i know!
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    @tekashi Nah its a curse for colorblind programmers.

    Ive to spent a few hours every time I get on a new project to configure the IDEs colors so I can see the color differences.
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    :sy on
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