did you update your footer year?

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    It's been updating its self since 2003, some of us are to lazy to do deployments at midnight.
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    I leave it at 2007 just because
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    @Jilano also legally that is how it should be. Copyright goes in the year the design is made not the year it is at that moment.

    I once had a lawyer tell me that technically automatic updating year numbers are not allowed because one cannot see when it was originally posted.
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    Who even has footers anymore? :p
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    @Codex404 footer year isn't always a copyright year.

    I'm fairly sure many of the dates on footer years we're talking about are not a registered copyright date.
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    @LMagnus then what is the point of the footer year? Everyone knows what year it is right?
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    @Codex404 it's an illusion to add more credibility.
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