Today my PCs 9 years of service to me has ended. We lived through 3 windows versions, many many linux distros and even more games. This computer gave me more happiness than any friend or girl. This computer supported me more than any of my parents.
Farewell old friend.

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    Made me remember my 8 year old Desktop I loved so much
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    How'd it die? Is it a component you can replace?
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    RIP old friend.
    May your successor be just as wise and reliable in times of need.
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    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Computers are everything for us. It's not something understandable for normal people.
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    @ben85ts it's still working and is gonna be kept alive for nostalgia purposes but it got replaced by an entirely new one because literally everything but hard drives are too old.
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    F, may your replacement serve even better and have grub fuck up even more /salute
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