whats the dumbest thing a friend/sibling ect said to you?

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    You're adopted :')
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    Where do I even start?
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    "in getting back with her" whem referencing his ex.........and I have a hard feeling his kid is not my nephew....

    interesting enough his "wife" confronted me when I didn't mention his kid as someone that could take a part in any endeavor i am building.....sorry kid, i just don't feel the "familiar connection"
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    "Can you get a bank loan so I can buy this house and lot I fancy? I'm still paying off the mortgage for me and my wife's other house and I can't get a loan because I'm blacklisted for not paying credit cards."
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    I need money.
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    That username though :/
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    "You're not actually smart, you just study a lot so you can get good grades"

    "You study a lot because you will be embarrassed if you cannot answer the teacher's/prof's questions."

    Ouch, that hurts.
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    Cant remember it 100%, but someone in my class (programming education)

    Him: "Last time i used PHP i thought it sucks, because i wrote it in notepad" - I am not fucking kidding you, so apparently if you are a moron that cant write code without using a fancy IDE, its the language´s fault. Like wtf thats some of the stupidest shit i have ever heard.

    Believe me, it sounded way dumber when he said it out loud.
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    "An iPad Pro is gonna boost my productivity" neither did the 2k wacom tablet or the 5k iMac.
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    "America is in Europe",
    "What is spine?".
    Same person on the same day.
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    ""i have a blackberry phone with ios"
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    Family friend bought all my nieces and nephews 'IPods' for Christmas, making sure everyone knew she was making the purchase.

    Kids opened up the packages,they were the $20 Chinese knock offs you can get on ebay.

    Deb: "You think you can help them set up them Ipods?"

    Me: "No, they aren't IPods."

    Deb: "YES THEY ARE!! I paid good money for those IPods!"

    Me: "Those are nice gift for 7 year olds, but they are not IPods. Just generic MP3 players make to look like Ipods."

    Deb: "I SAID THEY ARE IPODS! You can go on that internet and see for yourself!"

    Me: "Did you buy them on ebay?"

    Deb: "That's none of your damn business."

    <I pick up an empty box>

    Me: "Where do you see Apple or IPod on this box?"

    <Deb storms out, not saying anything>

    Dad: "What the hell did you do? All you had to do was set up the IPods. Asshole"

    <Mom and Dad take the kids and walk out>

    In about a month *all* of the MP3 players broke for one reason or another, and my brother-in-law started talking to me again.
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    "stop wasting time on scripts and do your job already"

    "use a proper os for this project, i.e. windows, not some linux"
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