you know whats tough?

doing nothing.

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    *summons Shia LaBeouf angrily*
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    Tell me about it, i got 7 hours of doing nothing ahead of me.
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    at workplace? yes.
    at home? maybe
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    Doing nothing for 3 weeks.
    Not a single line of code... I'm going bat shit crazy 🤪

    I need to do something, anything, but I have another week before I'm near a pc again.
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    @C0D4 Enjoy the outer world
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    @damn "Eh, that game wasn't bad per se, but not great either, in my opinion"
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    Imagine being stranded on the Italian peninsula circa 117, in your Hawaiian shirt and shorts in the middle of a bitter winter.

    An old man approaches you with a sword and says "It's dangerous out there. Take this!"

    and then punches you in the mouth with the hilt.

    After you recover from your impromtu twilight zone body-through-time displacement you might set off to track down Archimedes descendants and his written works to maybe have a chance at building a machine akin to charles baggage's own except it's all in greek and the edges have been gnawed by rats and archimedes has been dead for more than two centuries.

    So you settle for making marble computers but Hadrian who took over for Trajan (who died of illness) abandons the territory you live in and barbarians smash and burn your contraption as idolatry.

    Imagine, your situation today in modern times could be so much worse.

    or interesting, depending on your perspective.

    Also plague is awful, or so I hear.
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    @Jilano didn't play that game. I am CSGO fanboy. Whenever i get time I go to CSGO.
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    Almost as hard as doing something!
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