I started building an application for FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics) because why not: I was bored and wanted to learn Flutter.

There is no API, but I didn't even expect it. Parsing the HTML is easy enough.

BUT OH MY GOD THE ENTIRE WEBSITE IS SHIT. Take this page: http://www.fidal.it/graduatorie.php, it uses some useless jQuery plugin and uses a buttload of JavaScript that isn't even needed. BUT WAIT. Try entering an invalid "club code" (http://fidal.it/graduatorie.php/...), a FUCKING white page with 200, are you kidding?

I'd also like to mention that all pages that require form input won't load correctly if you don't include "submit=Invia" in the URL.

I am not giving up.

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    Well, one of the main uses of jQuery is crap that should either be done in CSS, or to generate half-assed fake HTML elements.

    My all-time fav is giving some onclick to a div, and in the event handler rewriting the document URL. Who would use an anchor tag for that?!
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    You didn't expect an API but you expected a good website?
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    @Fast-Nop I... walks away slowly....
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