Deutsch Bahn, again: A delay of 8 minutes (the DB officially recognizes this as late) results to an impossible to reach connecting train leading to a total delay of ca. 2 hours, as I cannot use the Inter City train anymore, but have to use a "Regional Express" instead.

Out of 5 times travelling this route, I arrived 2 times 2 hours later.

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    I'm up for an interview in another part of germany and I have to rely on the DB for travel. So i took 2 days off and travel there a day early. You cant trust those shitheads in any way which is a crux to the german people because we got no choice but to rely on them
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    David Kriesel made an interesting talk about mining and analyzing DB delays at 36c3. You can find it on yt under "BahnMining"
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    @JFK422 The talk is great.

    If I remember the talk correctly, one of my stops was at a delay adding train station, and it was a ICE, so not completely unexpected.
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