Thinking really hard about starting my own retro pc collection starting with the NEC pc-98 ......hmmmmmm wondee how my wife would feel about me spending money in this shit

Recently I have taken to all things retro tech, always liked it really, specially since my mom showed me pics of me playing with an old commodore 64 when i was younger as well as another of a family friend showing me the sharp 68k this shit fuels my appetite for knowing more about the programming ways of the old school coders. Some pretty interesting stuff, I feel that the newer generations would benefit greatly by knowing the things we had to do in order to build efficient programs back in the day. Not to say that I was part of that at all. I was born in 1991, how I came to see these systems is unknown and forgotten by me, but something that none the less os part of my story in computing.

Because of the industry that surrounds me I have been dealing with working with web development, but shit is really not that much of a passion of mine, had I the skills more than the academic knowledge I would love to work with low level C code all day, I just feel that the things that developers do there are so much more interesting than handilg web development, web development is tedious and a current shitstorm, not to say that shit was not like that for the programmers that i am referencing, but i just want more.

Web development has made me a successful man, at 28 i am the head of my department, I might sound like a Disney princess but I want more, I want more knowledge and more experience in different areas of Computer Science. I want to know it all and it seems like time continuously goes against me.

Oh well, here is to a new year lads, see what i can do.

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    I think that some extent of low level experience makes a better dev in all areas because you get a feeling of what's going on under the hood.

    It's a shame that unis have switched CS to Java because the result is a whole generation of CS grads who fundamentally don't understand anymore how a computer actually works - just because pointers are allegedly too hard.
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    I've made some easy-reading posts you might be interested in (about compiler theory).

    Also I have a spare copy of fallout tactics if thats your thing.
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    @Wisecrack thanks man! definitely post the posts you are talking about, I would love to read them, don't mind if I ask you questions afterwards!

    As far as Fallout Tactics I have it as well! have not played it but I bought it on sale I believe. Thanks though!
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