fuck sockets, all my niggas query rest endpoints with setintervals

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    Socket.io sits in the corner, crying
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    On the other hand, fuck WS with its unreliability and OS specific edge cases.
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    @Lor-inc care to elab? I'm curious
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    @netikras On ffox, at least in July, when you put the machine into sleep mode the socket was silently forgotten in about a fourth of the cases. Haven't seen it since I switched to Linux.
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    @Ranchu sockets.io is actual trash lol. Massive amounts of overhead. Better to just directly interact with socket interfaces.

    Really want insane WebSocket performance? Go with uWebSockets.

    That said sockets.io does provide a ton of abstraction for quick development, but imo one should never use it in a production environment. It's way too costly.
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    @Tayo good to know, thanks
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    @Lor-inc Was that Windows or UNIX? OSX?

    by WS you mean a websocket, right? Not a WebService :) Since both abbreviations are the same and context is similar..

    Are there any articles/SO/other topics about this? Again, curious
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    @Tayo is it more costly than a rest loop every 0.5 second?
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    @jonhyfun no lol in that case go all for it
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    @netikras It's Windows, and I didn't find anything about it online.
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