Samsung Keyboard is utter shit.
GBoard (Google Keyboard) is like a ray of sunshine in comparison.

The Samsung keyboard actually changes whole words to completely different words. It even replaces words with misspellings. No, these were not words I had misspelled before. Tried to turn off autocorrect and keep suggestions. They are the SAME setting. Like if you are going to make a shitty ass version of the GBoard, at least keep the same ability to tweak settings.

In contrast I installed GBoard and was able to disable JUST autocorrect and keep suggestions.

Just like most Samsung apps Samsung Keyboard is utter shit.


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    try jbak
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    same on the iphone. I feel immediately handy caped without gboard.
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    I feel handicapped ever since Swype was discontinued.
    I don't know how the fuck they did it, but no other keyboard ever was as accurate, typing or swiping.
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    Samsung os is full of useless crap shit
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    Gboard is laggy for me for some reason. Like, it's constantly lagging behind my typing by 4-7 characters.
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    @VaderNT have you tried swiftkey?
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    @shiv7071007 yes, thanks. I switched from Swype to SwiftKey.

    Still, with Swype I could type or swipe without looking and somehow it was almost always right. SwiftKey, GBoard, etc doesn't matter - I often get nonsense autocorrections, even wrong spellings sometimes. Not as bad in the rant, but it's there. And swiping must be relatively precise, otherwise it'll result in "yeah, technically that could've been the swiped word but that makes no sense whatsoever". Which means swiping isn't faster than typing here. 🙁
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    I use Asus keyboard. Swipe typing is accurate most of the times. And I like the layout
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    I had to replace Samsung's keyboard with Gboard because of one dumb feature you cannot turn off: holding backspace deletes the entire text.
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