My friend recently went through technical interview for a very specific position in very niche technology. Which I will call technology A.
He is an expert in technology A, but interview was in technology B. All questions were about technology B, which has very little to do with technology A.
After few days, my friend received written replay. In section about technical knowledge about technology A, interview wrote his opinion based on technology B. Even if he didn't ask any question related to technology A, because he has never heard of it. Of course my friend didn't get that job

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    Stay away from those companies, they eighter run themselves into the ground or have shitty management.
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    Doesn't understand own hiring requirements. How much other stuff do they not understand?
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    Did your friend ask the interviewer why he/she is asking those questions? I had the same experience due to incorrect details in the job description made by the recruiter. I didn't sit through it. I told them I thought it was something else. They asked me if I wanted to try for the job anyway. I said no. We thanked each other for being honest and not wasting our time. The recruiter corrected the posting afterwards.
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    @p100sch what's the difference exactly? ;)
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    @Lucky-Loek there are ones that are too big or have too much investments to go broke.
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    Usually before the interviews I made a huge research about the company to try found out about this kind behaviors on interview.

    Usually I use glassdoor or indeed but sometimes I don't found. On that case when I don't found a suitable information to avoid this kind of situations I just in the beginning of interview I ask if the role is that one in the ad and I read from recruiter to be sure.

    I fire a case against a company once because of that but this a history that I can tell on a rant.
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    Yes of course. The technology is very niche and that company didn't have anyone with technical knowledge to do the interview, so they send some random dude, who definitely was an expert but in another field.
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