I am really having a hard time keeping an "open" mindset with my team...

So when I email you, the junior at your first job and an almost 6 months work experience, with a set of instructions, I do not want inline comments and feedback to the tune of "Yes, I agree. I think we should go ahead" or debates on why, in your opinion.. xyz, because you tested it yourself..

WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU SETUP AND TEST BILLIONS OF ROWS OF DATA ON YOUR MANY MANY MULTI BOX CLUSTER? You live in a data center? Oh, and say "Serverless" one more fucking time....

And so begins the painful process of performance managing you out the door. (You cant fire anybody in South Africa for being a prick. Or useless.)

I am sure there once was a time where you could beat guys like this to within an inch of his life with his own keyboard. If it wasn't wireless I could have strangled him with the cord. Ah, I miss model M's....

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    Are you..alright?
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    God, I hate idiots who talk like they're experts and refer to their nonexistemt experience.
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    Are the leader of team? Or a member?

    If the first, it's your job to teach the junior the ropes. Your job to set exactly the do's and dont's of the job.

    If you're not, I'm sorry, but by just complaining you're achieving nothing. Try to be a team player and learn to discuss things. And if it's nothing that can be discussed, be open about it to junior. After all, if he was supposed to know the ropes by now, he shouldn't be a junior anymore.

    But hey, rant all you want. We're listening (reading? You get the point).
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    @Ranchu Had devRANT. Feel better. For now.
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    @DarkMelchiah Chief Tech.
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    @frankot, Instructions not addressed to him, but his team lead. It was an instruction, explicitly.

    But sure - maybe I was just in a foul mood, and will go read up on the link he sent me:


    Note to self: see HR about @Frankot
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    @MrGreyWolf welp.
    Feel free to complain, then.
    Just don't forget to take his and your position in consideration.
    I've dealt with my quota of people like him and, usually, they mean good.
    Just point to the right direction and he'll go.
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    And guys, its a rant... a vent, a proverbial blowing of f of steam.
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    @DarkMelchiah I know i know...
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