short variables names, long variable names, nonsense variable names

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    Pokémon as variable names
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    @heyheni thanks I needed that
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    I had a professor in college that if he felt people weren't paying enough attention he would start drawing little pictures for the variable names (this was before emojis were a thing), so you'd have to look at all the white boards to see where the stick figure man was defined and why he was using the address of the duck.
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    does anyone else use them as a descriptor?

    file_output = open(...
    fileBuffer = tempfile.SpooledTemporaryFile(...
    loopnum = 32768
    file-length = len(...

    this is just natural for me at this point, do you all not do this?
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    @Parzi basically. I tend to use very long names sometimes, to keep it very clear what it is.
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    I prefer descriptive and informative variable name
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    I prefer names proportional to their scope. Small scope, short names.
    Larger scope, more descriptive names.
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    Variables names in unicode chars
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