So I'm a backend engineer and my boss keeps telling me I over engineer stuff. I'm never given a technical spec or architectural spec, just told what to do so I build. But apparently I over engineer? Admittedly I do tend to but recently I cba and done the most basic thing. Apparently its over engineered.
Would you agree that to say something is over engineered a technical requirements document is required in order to specify over engineered said request needs to be?

Ps: my boss is an inappropriate cunt. Finally got that out.
Feel like hes just making arguments with me to get rid of me because I didnt want to cuddle in bed with him after he gave me an uncalled for back rub..

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    >Feel like hes just making arguments with me to get rid of me because I didnt want to cuddle in bed with him after he gave me an uncalled for back rub..

    Why do people still think that this is somewhat Ok to do?
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    Your boss is an unprofessional asshole, who has no idea what you are doing.
    He probably did not want you to actually code stuff, but wait for something. Delegate all work upwards, and wait for his input. Always. Make sure to cover your ass with emails, and with his boss.
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    He probably heard somewhere that overengineering is a bad thing, and is now just saying it about everything you do to be vindictive.

    Please find a different job.
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    If you do this:
    then yes :)
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    @Root or alternatively, make him find a new job
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    Your requirement for a technical document to do a small task points in the direction of over engineered mindset. Shit this posting was over engineered.
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    If it's basic, ask him how exactly is it overengineered, and how much time would be saved if you did less.

    If he cant explain, or the saved time is small, he's not correct.
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    @Root working on it
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    @magicMirror well hes told me to not work on something until I have a spec so that's what I'll do from now on
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    @Quirinus hes always got a bullshit reason 😂😂 this is why I said to him how can i over engineer something without an agreed technical specification that outlines the requirements. If I had that and I did more that the requirements then yes it would be over engineered but all I have is a design to work from for backend architecture and database structure. Oh and the design changes every few hours so my structure also has to changes. I don't see the point of work on anything 😂😂
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    @bashleigh Yup. It is a "sit on your hands and do nothing" situation.
    When it fails, make sure it is not your fault.
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    @magicMirror I wouldn't mind being fired to be honest. Would be nice to take a break
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    @Root why do you think recommending to run away from the problem is a good advice? There are hundreds of possibilities to solve this problem with this boss cunt by not quitting the job.
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    @Wombat Because direct conflict with management, especially over sexual harassment, will never end well for the woman, no matter the corroborating evidence. Management would never trust her again; they'd see her as a legal liability instead of an employee. There's also the question of how much of a grudge the guy will hold, and what he will do about it. While it's best for the company for her to fight it, it's best for her to simply leave.
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    @Root exactly. Same old story
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