Hi ranters,

I'm a full stack developer with 2 years experience and worked on a React Native and Flutter. I quit my last job 4 months ago. Trying to find remote jobs/ jobs in Europe with intention of relocation.

I still didn't found a job offer, received many rejection emails.

Any of you got any tips for me? 😣😔

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    Okay imma be honest with you, dont hate me

    Eu companies only view india(ns) as a cheap way to outsource and not as a workforce equal to local talent
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    @yellow-dog Oof, but true
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    Sadly I have to agree with them.

    It really fucking sucks
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    I personally hate React-Native, Flutter and all those cross platform tools. Ever since AirBnb wrote that article about why they rewrote their app to drop it, a lot of companies have started shifting, or considering dropping it (in my circle anyway).

    I would personally stay the hell away from those things.

    EU isn’t typically great for remote work, but there is a lot of native mobile roles around at least to start a conversation with them.

    Stackoverflow jobs is typically better for remote working than the likes of LinkedIn
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    @yellow-dog That sucks 😞
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    @practiseSafeHex Hmm thanks for the tips
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