I was so fed up with being spammed with generic messages from recruiters on Linkedin I decided to create a parody generator - Linked xD (http://devpurge.com/linkedxd/en). It was first launched in Polish and went viral; a few months later I heard even recruiters started to use it on a daily basis as an anti-pattern.

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    lol cool

    first thought! "Name? help i'm confused." Could you please adjust the label for the first input field "name" to be more specific. Whose name? Is it the name of the job? Or recruiter? Or the recruitee?
    Preferably with example of the format. (John Doe)
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    Not enough buzzwords for me.
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    Need one of these for all the Indian companies who want to sell their development capabilities to interactive agencies in the US.
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    Niesamowita robota.
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    "Our project is based on: Electron, Yarn, Electron, Yarn, Node.js, ASP.NET..."

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    @heyheni Thanks, the label has been adjusted.

    @jespersh Thanks, should be more clear now.

    @dontPanic Dzięki!
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    Look I know you’re a busy devRanter so I’ll get right to the point. Your post about recruiters is the kind of content we’re looking for at XYZ company. We need more skilled blockchain DevOps IOT iOS developers with 10+ years experience with React/Vue/Angular and full stack API microservices development in Go and PHP 5.4 with a passion to change the world.
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    Haha, that's excellent.

    For added realism, make sure that some messages also start with, "I was very impressed with your resume. I think you would be excellent fit for this job." That seems to be the template I get most frequently nowadays anyways.
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