When elon musk talks, i stfu and listen

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    @notarant @notabunny @notahero
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    Umm.. Okay..? Is he your dad or smth?
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    when big famous dude talk, I shut up because I am peasant
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    Certainly a cool guy, but I think people shouldn't take him by his words.
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    @Ranchu if you read his April fools on twitter and know about the consequences then yeah, you shouldntšŸ˜„
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    When anyone talks, I stfu and listen... proper education.

    (... and judge silently)
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    I listen, too, because Musk makes more sense than most people.
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    Shame, he really doesn't do much good.

    He spouts ideas that make no sense scientifically and "invents" things that have been proven not to work decades ago while other, rarely credited people, make his companies create good things that make money.
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    In general, you should stfu and listen when anyone talks, for at least 5 seconds.

    If nothing but word diarrhea splatters in your face feel free to stuff that person's mouth with toilet paper.

    If it's bland superficial word tofu, be polite, distract them with small talk while calculating optimal escape vectors.

    And sometimes, someone says something deliciously thought provoking. Take your time to savor it, show your respect for full-bodied intellect by letting the statement breathe, swirl it around in your head a little, take a deep breath to sniff in the secondary aromas, summarize your first impressions and associations to communicate your interest without directly spitting anything back.

    Elon Musk is definitely a person who definitely does & says a lot of interesting things -- although he also has his flaws. He is a brilliant visionary, but a pretty bad manager: Trust him on direction, not velocity.
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    When Elon Musk talks, I read about it eventually.
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    When Elon talks, I strip down and bend over.
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    I think that's an overexaggeration.

    I'm familiar with the Aerospace industry, having worked on NDT and other quality control software which is currently in use by several companies.

    I have never met Elon, but have spoken in person with Stephane Israel and Tory Bruno — There is no Aerospace CEO who would dare to claim that people like Musk, Shotwell or Mueller aren't excellent engineers, are lacking innovation or are without vision.

    The difference is not one of skill or competence, but one of approach: Musk is an agile developer who believes in the startup approach of taking risk, and failing often.

    So far, it's the only reason SpaceX and Tesla still exist: Both companies have broken through in markets which are incredibly difficult to capture. Criticisms about human safety, for both companies, are valid though.

    Whether it will work out in the long run... Musk could be running the new Amazon, or it could turn all out like Yahoo.
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