Google announced the alternative search engines it will show to new Android users in the EU, with DuckDuckGo the most frequently offered choice and Bing tied for last place.

According to the report of The Verge : EU citizens setting up Android devices from March 1 will given a choice of four search engines to use as their default, including Google. Whichever provider they chose will become the default for searches made in Chrome and through Android's home screen search box.

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    Google appears generous but it was the search providers that had to bid to be included. I read about it from Ecosia (my preferred search engine), as they said they felt it was unethical to have to pay Google to do something that Google is being ordered to do.
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    I still use Bing and like it, but I also don't care.
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    Poor Bing. At least you still have people who bot search you for free Xbox live.
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    Wow, Android users finally catching up to iOS 🤣 Sorry couldn't help myself.

    I'm actually surprised Google has managed to get away with it for this long as everyone seems to be getting sued over not allowing choice for these things.
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