The company that I’m working for has done lots of subtle racist things surrounding diversity policy. There was a major blowout between execs and suddenly all went quiet. The guy that was hired against my recommendation was gone. Until early January when he showed up at our building to raid our kitchen. WTF. It turns out HR decided to move him to the other office and out of sight so my team wouldn’t see him. He isn’t working on a project and is getting paid on the bench for more than the 100% billable devs.

After I saw him bumming around, I replied to a recruiter that has been trying to recruit me to their company.

The position pays 25% more 😲 and comes with a an amazingly relaxed development environment. Developer time is managed and allocated by someone in a dedicated role. 80% of the time is sprint work and the rest is self-driven projects or learning. Teams are stable, mostly local, and there is very low turnover. Developers get Mac or Linux computers.

I’m doing an executive meet and greet at the other company tomorrow. They will be the ones that will make me the final offer. I feel pretty good about it too because they will let me sign up to start in a month and a half so I can give a long notice, work until the end, and my current company can hire me back as a consultant in a pinch. It softens the blow for my current company and it makes it easy for me.

Worst case scenario I don’t take the position but use it for leverage. Who am I kidding? I’ll definitely jump ship when negotiation is done tomorrow.


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    @HelsinkiCodes Really glad to hear that from someone in your position. I can't imagine how shitty it must feel to be hired "just because".

    @OP I'm fairly certain your mustache is one of the reason you got that new possible position! Good luck, I hope you'll get it
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    @Jilano Nah, pretty sure it was the JS shirt.
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    Congrats to get out of your racist shithole. Ideally, more devs would do that to let these woketards crash and burn as quickly as possible once they are left only with their useless diversity hires.
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    Really enjoying this follow up story :D
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    @Jilano Oh. I rocked a moustache for a while but I got rid of it during Christmas break.

    @localjoost I am going to write a post soon about my project manager getting railroaded too. Because that situation was crazy to me. Slow burn but I have watched it for a few months.
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    @tits-r-us It would be a typescript shirt if devRant had one. 🤙
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    @Fast-Nop ++ for the term woketard. Will use repeatedly.
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    I'm glad for you my friend.

    But I'm terrified for after all happens instead they fire the guy they will keep him in another officer doing more bad work and the worst of everything keep the HR executive in the role.

    I have a very bad history to tell my last 2 companies here too, but if I tell and this history leak I could go to jail. Hahahahahah

    Congratulations for your courage to share and go after your own change instead stay there and wait for the worst.
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    I hope you'll let us know how this develops!

    Pun intended.
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