I'm In Canada. A woke HR lady hires an African guy despite him plagiarizing code and lying through an interview. First day he surfs soccer websites so I confront it and HR lady basically calls me a racist and to watch my back.

A second African new-hire comes into the office today and he seems quite capable in an area of specialization for our team. So I ask if we can have him on our team because he has skills. The exec decides to look at the costing for him and goes, "HOLY SHIT WHY ARE WE PAYING ANYONE THAT MUCH?" She looks at the résumé of the new guy and finds out that he is only at intermediate level in his specialization. So I say, "It could be worse. The other guy flat out lied through his interview and he got hired anyway." I forward the emails where I recommended against hiring the other guy and why.

My exec, who is a company stakeholder, opens the pricing list for recent hires. It is obvious that if you are not not white you get paid way above market value for your skill level. Exec is pissed off on a level I never knew was possible.

We make a call from the board room only to find out that the head of HR (also an executive) is driving this. My exec tells me to give her the room. The yelling was so loud everyone could hear what was said from outside the boardroom. At one point the HR lady says, "Just because we could get them cheaper doesn't mean that we should… We pay that much because it is 'the right thing to do'." My executive goes completely silent for a few seconds then in a super aggressive way says.

"…I am going to have your FUCKING head for this. Then I will make sure that you NEVER get a job in HR again for the rest of my natural life. ONLY ONE of us will survive this. YOU are the one pissing away profit. So get ready because I'm going to drown you and your team like a bag full of unwanted puppies." Then she hung up the Polycom. She came out about a minute later and kicked the office manager out of his office and sat there all day making calls and sending emails.


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    @halfflat I’m not opposed to helping people out Especially if they have been oppressed by some old racist/sexist laws or something.

    Granting special privileges to people based on skin colour or gender always comes at a cost to someone. Then equality is attained policy always survives its purpose.

    Several jobs ago I was sitting in a meeting a while ago when I worked for an organization that was over 90% female. They provided an update on “women in the workplace” which was mandated to be part of every quarterly meeting since 1985ish. I asked one old guy about it and he said, “Do you want to be the one to fight this? We are outnumbered and someone is definitely going to say you are sexist.” I mentioned it once and my boss lady told me to be very careful who I talk like that in front of. Nope. Not the hill I’m going to die on.
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    what the fuck????
    that place is a goddamn jungle!
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    Wow. Awesome followup.
    I love your exec already! ❤
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    @jesustricks I'm a catalyst for changes in stodgy corporate environments. Everyone saving face. All conversations require meetings. People are casually dishonest. Corporate KPIs conflict. I set an example of how I won't contribute with my own behaviour and that almost always transfers to teams that I work with like some kind of virus. I empower people so management has even sent me short term to places to work on struggling teams because things change when I get onto a project and they don't really know why.

    When workers become empowered, stupid top-down corporate things are very obvious because people are free to talk openly. Which is definitely not how things were. From what I hear the company was boring, quiet, and workers were demoralized before I got here. So as far as I know I have caused a lot of this jungle by being myself.
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    @irene Keep it up 🙂
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    @Root She is a number based person to a frustrating degree. So this was about numbers and it set her off. She could count the money that the company was losing in her head.

    Her agile manifesto rating would be about 2/4. "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" she is all about using this one specific COTS software bundle so she misses on this. "Customer collaboration over contract negotiation" She is absolutely number based so she misses this completely. No talking to the customer unless there is a service agreement and we are billing.

    I like her as a person but she doesn't get some tech industry things.
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    Fucking hell
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    @OneOrZero It was really uncomfortable actually. I have no idea what the guys that got hired are thinking because they were beside the boardroom during the yelling. Not exactly a very good second day of work. Probably more satisfying to read than experience.
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    A good setup with a great followup, just the way I like my stories 😄 Seriously all agenda aside just from a business point of view this is beyond stupid. How can somebody with such a mindset even become head of HR.
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    So. Job hunting I take it?
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    And just like that, my day became a lot brighter.
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    BRB, gonna repaint my face...

    FFS I born white, thats just easy mode.

    Seriously though, what the shit is that trash HR.
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    Can't wait for S01E03 !!!
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    "Drown you like a bag of unwanted puppies."

    Sounds like something from madmen..or mckinsey and co.

    I love it.
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    It's always a pleasure to see HR getting a spanking when they deserve it (usually here they ignore it and me it's the guy which gives the spanking).
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    I can’t wait for part 3... 😁🍿
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    Oooof, that got to hurt
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    welcome to the world of feminist equality and fighting against white privilege, you racist.

    ... your manager is a hero, though.
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    @ostream Developers self manage time. Project managers request a portion of a developers time for their project objectives. The company is quite flat. If the HR had done the exact same thing in the last company I worked in it wouldn’t have been noticed because there was way more hierarchy.

    The last place I worked did diversity hiring too which basically was wage slavery. They are giant and global so they would offer low wages which looked like high wages in the country of origin. They offer a talented person from Philippines $35000 annually and they come only to find out that cost of living and tax is massive here and that it isn’t going to be much to survive on. But hey they got both diversity and a talented worker.
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    Looks like that woke HR cunt is going to get her ass ripped off. Very pleasing to read.
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    @Fast-Nop I was in a meeting with said HR lady today for discussions about other things. It was like it never happened. She was totally unfazed by everything. Wow that is off putting.
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    @irene probably just keeping on a strong face. I'm guessing she knows what's coming.
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    I just want to know:
    Did he got pissed about the guy who lied or about the guy that was capable?
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    Unexpected error: Race condition
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    @RemyRm Things went back to business as usual pretty quickly. I haven’t heard anything about this discussed. The liar guy isn’t coming in anymore so he vanished somehow that nobody seems to know about. The HR lady seems to be doing her normal thing.

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that all of the executives are trying to position for battle. I’ll update when I hear anything.

    Meanwhile I may write a post about my project manager getting railroaded.
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    @irene they might very well consider it as fuckup and try to sweep it under carpet
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    @DubbaThony I don’t know about that. I would more suspect hidden posturing for a while. You don’t get to executive levels unless you can strategically maneuver.
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    Not sure if I am tired, stressed or an idiot but working on a JS app that is the haven for where old frameworks and libraries go to die and new ones, let’s just implement those with no refactoring.

    So what the fuck is the multiEdit property in a Redux React table?
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    Pinning this 📌

    Appreciate your drive to not fuck up things.
    Least environnements grasp the issues you're tackling and resolving.
    Better stay with your company, I guess.
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    @irene Depends, even as a male, if you're in a country that has equal discrimination laws then that's some prime pickings to bait an email chain where you could sue the legs off the company.
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    Sounds like goodhart's law in action.
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    @codebanana I had never heard of that. Wikipedia links Campbell’s law from Goodheart’s law and that one makes even more sense to me.

    “The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor.”
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